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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met's Muse:

The place I call my second home is the Metropolitan Museum of Art also known as the Met. The profusion of historical past compiled into this one building leaves me with more to discover each visit. It is a place filled with marvel and rich history from around the world. Most of the art exhibits portray permanent and temporary installations of art dating back centuries ago.
The museum is located along the eastern edge of Central Park on Fifth Avenue, which makes it highly attractive to tourists and convenient for the residents of the Upper East Side. With the museum located at a walking distance away from my apartment, I find it to be one of the most prestigious architectural buildings in the city. Both tourists and locals flock the steps every day to unify in this place of wonder. I became the devoted visitor.
A sophisticated look is essential to becoming a stylish museum-goer. I had always imagined myself in the perfect outfit to match the ambiance of the museum. Observing the attendees on the Met steps had made me realize how infatuated I was by the way people dressed. The museum-goers are typically dressed with sartorial elegance and polished style. For my choice of outfit, I chose subtle hues with dark blue accents to match the vibe of the Met which appeals to me as a dim and quaint place. I find it appropriate to sport a blush pink silk blouse by PRINGLE of Scotland along with oriental floral printed trousers from SuperTrash. On top of that, a Karl Donoghue shearling belted biker jacket is indispensable when it comes to pulling off a classic chic look with a modern twist. I also chose some accessory items that make a statement: a Cambodian coin ring by Low Luv x Erin Wasson, a two-finger lion’s head ring from Chloe + Isabel, and a Ben-Amun cord necklace. To finish off the entire ensemble, a pair of leather booties from Lucky Brand and a nightshade blue Alexa Mulberry bag is vital to making the outfit even more refined.
The Met offers more than just art and its stylish museum-goers; it is a place for inspiration, education, and interconnection.

***A little short article I recently wrote for my intern newsletter. The Winter transition into a Spring outfit, not too cold nor hot. I just decided I should share since I haven't updated this blog for a while. :) Happy Monday!


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