ritual union

Photo 1: Quick DIY art I did out of boredom w/ stencils and acrylic paint.
Photo 2: My sister's "alt" book and candy skull playing cards sitting on top
Photo 3: Dress from Do & Be; Yoki loafers, thrifted clutch and Youth Without Youth book by Mircea Eliade
(film version by Francis Ford Coppola!) I love the Coppolas.
*my poor dslr lens are broken; hence the out of focus images

I'll be setting out on a last minute trip to New Haven this weekend for a weekend/beach getaway. My relatives from Montreal finally came down. Bonjour! Although, I am constantly leaving my humble abode almost every weekend, things have started to change around here. I cannot stand the constant construction going on in my street. Rent has gone up and I feel that I should re-negotiate that, but it's somewhat too late. I wish I can skip to the year 2020 and see if the new second avenue subway line would actually be finished. Meanwhile, it is summer still and I need to make the most out of it.

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