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Jan 7th, 2012

First post of the new year! This year I hope to be in a better place in life.
A continuous search for new inspirations, adventures, & memories to cherish.
I have five more months until graduation & six more months in my little wonderland.

The photo above is from this website I found on Bloglovin'.
Also I have been lusting over the blog for weeks now.
It's a cute place to seek for home decor, which has become my new hobby.
Even if I couldn't afford such elegant things, the blog has taught me well
how to place certain objects and things on a simple shelf.
However, the one above isn't simple at all. We can still heart it, can't we?


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  1. aww, thank you dear, I'm really glad you like my blog and I'm gonna try to post a couple of tips on small space decor too!