the city is my church, it wraps me in the sparkling twilight

Lanvin 1982.

As of right now, I feel inspired to write. Living in the city makes me want to always become overwhelmingly productive so that I don't have time to write or take photographs anymore. I am still learning and always seek for adventure. Being here made me realize how big the world actually is... People may say it is small, but sometimes I think you can experience the whole world without ever leaving this place. I am in love with the photo of this model; it is a vintage Lanvin ad. Her facial expression reflects my mood right now. Impatiently waiting.


  1. this is a stunning picture! beautiful blog! :)


  2. love your blog. that red is amazing! feel free to check out my new blog if you get a moment.

    xo, nikki


  3. OMG...this is the epitome of European glamour! That punch of color, full voluminous locks, and gorgeous statement necklace...great find! Definitely bookmarking the look!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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